As a young boy in Nigeria, I had a classmate “Obinna” in Kindergarten who wore a wristwatch to school every day. One afternoon on the playground, I accidentally broke the watch. Sadly, my parents could not replace the watch due to financial hardships. However, Obinna’s parents were kind enough to let it go, and as a result, Obinna and I became good friends. The friendship made both of our parents enroll us in the same Elementary school.

Unfortunately, Obinna had Lymphoma and passed away during his last year in high school. This childhood memory endeared me to wristwatches and, ultimately, the desire to own mine in memory of my dear friend. I maintained the penchant to own a wristwatch brand. The desire was further ignited amid the global Covid pandemic and its attendant uncertainty. These events metamorphosed into Flexaago, established in San Diego, California, in 2020.

Our goal is to repose hope in the underprivileged kids in developing countries- that the impossible does not exist. A fraction of each purchase on our website goes to charity efforts across the globe.

(Abolaji Alabi, Founder FlexAago).


Time is the greatest gift of all! As universal as moonlight, time zones may vary according to location, but the essence of time never changes. It is a sign of our perpetual dedication to time and its value; the moon on our logo reflects the love of beauty and perfection in our timepieces.



Our detail-oriented and minimalist design can be worn by men and women globally.


We tell the time in different languages throughout the world, and that is why each of our model names translates into ‘time’ in various languages across the globe!   


Our watches are perfect rewards for your unbeatable work and play ethics and for all successes chalked in your lifetime. So whether you’ve just been promoted or acquired your dream home, you should be proud of your accomplishment, and that is why we say, “it’s your time; flex it.”



We swiftly deliver high-quality watches in gift-ready packaging with a friendly shopping platform and secure checkout process. We strive to ensure that your purchase of our wristwatches is one of the most significant “times” of your life.

 Embrace the gift and value of time and shop confidently; it’s your time!


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